December, 2016

Malissa Shriver, Executive Director of Turnaround Arts, explains how adding arts programs to a disadvantaged school can improve academic performance.

October, 2016

Eugene Volokh, UCLA law professor and publisher of the blog "The Volokh Conspiracy" discusses challenges to free speech on campuses today.

Malissa Shriver is Executive Director of Turnaround Arts. Adding Arts to the curriculum of poorly performing schools can improve the academic performance of an entire school.

An analysis of contemporary challenges to free speech in Academic Institutions.

May, 2016

Carey Nachenberg, author, UCLA professor and cyber-security expert discusses cyber warfare and cyber-security.

March, 2016

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky of the UC Irvine Law School discusses the U.S. Supreme Court and the Scalia vacancy.

An analysis of vulnerabilities in computers today and and an overview of of Cyber Terrorism and Cyber warfare.

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky of the UC Irvine Law School speaks to the PLATO Society of Los Angeles about the Supreme Court Vacancy, nominee Merrick B. Garland and the 2016 election.

January, 2016

Terry McCarthy, Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Award winning journalist, speaks about his experiences as a correspondent.

February, 2016

Olga Oliker, Director of Russia and Eurasia Program at CSIS, discusses Vladimir Putin and Russian foreign policy.

An in depth briefing on Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Policy today. Russia's relationship with the U.S.

An insight to the dramatic career of journalist Terry McCarthy, winner of the Edward R. Murrow award and 4 emmys while reporting for Time, ABC and CBS around the world.

September, 2015

E. Randol Shoenberg  tells about his work recovering Nazi-looted art and the fight for Gustav Klimt's "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer" (the subject of the 2015 film "Woman in Gold")

November, 2015

Barbara Coombs Lee, president of Compassion & Choices speaks on death with dignity.

A conversation about end of life choices and the recently passed California end of Life option Act.
A lost and found story about returning art to it's rightful heir. E. Randol Schoenberg tells the story of how the rule of law prevailed in recovering the Gustaf Klimt paintings stolen by the Nazis to it's rightful heir, Maria Altmann.

May, 2015

James Gelvin, professor of history at UCLA and author of The Israel-Palestine Conflict: One Hundred Years of War discusses the past, present and future of the Islamic State.  

March, 2015

Roman Catholic Archbishop Gomez of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles discusses immigration reform.

A detailed briefing on the origins and possible outcome of the Islamic State.

A speech by Archbishop José H. Gomez of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles on Immigration reform and the social policies of the Church.

January, 2015

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey discusses alternate sentencing for mentally ill offenders.

February, 2015

A. Scott Berg, Pulitzer prize winning biographer talks about Wilson his 2013 biography of the 28th president of the United States.

A talk by A. Scott Berg about his biography of President Wilson. "Wilson"
A talk about alternate sentencing for mentally ill offenders

September, 2013

Michael Govan, CEO of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art talks about challenges of building a museum for the 21st century.

November, 2014

David Medine, Chairman of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board speaks about security privacy in the post Snowden era.

A talk by David Medine, Chairman of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board in Washington D.C. He speaks about Digital Privacy in the post Snowden era.

The Plato Society of Los Angeles hosts a talk by Michael Govan, CEO of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art about the rationale and process of building an art museum for the 21st Century.