PLATO has always been self-governed by our members who actively execute and participate in all functions of the organization.

Members, through our annually elected Board of Directors, are responsible for the PLATO Society’s operations. Additionally, members run other activities such as day trips, brown bag lunchtime presentations, art exhibits by members, an annual retreat, our travel program, and the annual meeting.

Members propose and coordinate SDGs, staff our welcome desk, and sponsor TGI Friday discussion groups, a film group, and special interest groups.

Our members' contributions of time and energy to our SDGs, committees and other informal gatherings ultimately make The PLATO Society of Los Angeles an exciting place to be a member.


Our Board of Directors, elected to one-year terms, consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Members-at-Large, and Chairs of the standing advisory committees. Six standing advisory committees are accountable for the PLATO Society’s major operations -- Curriculum, Coordinators, Colloquium, Membership, Marketing, and Information Technology. Reporting to the Board is a Finance Group, a Development Group, and ad hoc groups as the Board deems necessary.


PLATO provides a uniquely supportive community where we learn together with openness and curiosity, and where we practice mindfulness through activities such as volunteering and by attending to those around us.