PLATO: Curious minds learning from each other.

PLATO is a community with more than 400 members who meet to discover and share knowledge on an unlimited range of topics. Quantum physics to European history; modern poetry to Hollywood entertainment; all are on our menu. Subjects, old or new, are objects of our exploration. We study, explain and appreciate the world of knowledge - together.

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July 11 - July 28, 2017: Registration for fall term 

July 13  (Thu), 2017: Two-minute pitches at Skirball Center 12:45pm - coffee & cookies, 1:30 pm program  

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Monday's Courses

Great American Film Directors 20th Century Man: Arthur Koestler Mission Failure in Post-Cold War, US Foreign Policy A Social History of the Hundred Year's War (1337-1453) (10 weeks) Revolutions and Enlightenment 1750s-1830s: France, Britain, the US, Russia and beyond View All Study Discussion Groups

What We Study

More than 20 topics are offered each term covering a broad spectrum of knowledge, literature, history, philosophy, science, sociology, economics, art and more. Our subjects are all suggested and led by our members.

George Bernard Shaw

Ancient Egypt

History of Psychoanalysis

Climate Change