Some Baffling Scientific Mysteries of Our Time


The core book published in 2008 lists a number of science based questions which at the time, or even now, do not have a satisfying answer. Since the publication of the book, some of the problems (questions) have been "solved", but some of the answers seem unsatisfactory to a number of scientists. The core book describes the thirteen different topics that intrigued the Author. However, in some cases the amount of research in these areas have exploded, while some new ones, almost as intriguing have arisen and will be given more emphasis. In order to make this SD/G more relevant some additional topics have been added and some deleted. Some topics are based on hard science, but others are more philosophical. For example: Does AI have Free Will or What is Life, biologically speaking? This is one of those SD/Gs that will end with more questions than answers because we just don't know.

This SD/G designed for those not only with a science background, and is based on what you can find in the newspapers (what are those?), cinema, TV or in simple computer searches. 

Weekly Topics

1. The Missing Universe or How to Account for the Entire Mass of the Universe and is Dark Matter an integral part of this? Can the Standard Model explain this?

2. What is Time? When did Time Start? Do we understand Time?

3. Matter-antimatter asymmetry problem. Why is there more matter than anti-matter in the Universe? Has that question really been answered?

4. Quantum Weirdness -  a proven fact or reality? Schrodinger's Cat in the Box thought problem.

5. String Theory, Many Worlds and Dimensions - Fact or Fiction? 

6. Do Black Holes Exist? Facts and theory?  How does Hawkins recent proposal fit the theory?

7. Cold Fusion - Was a scientific hoax committed or poor experimental design? If hoax, why is research still ongoing? Is it similar to Polywater?

8. Viking - NASA scientists found evidence of life on Mars, then changed their minds. What are the possibilities of life outside our Solar System?

9. Has ET already been in touch? Is the Wow Signal real or an artifact?

10. Life or are you more than just a container for chemicals? How to define life, e.g. a virus?

11. Sexual reproduction: Is it an advantage over asexual reproduction? What can go wrong or right? What would the world look like if there was only asexual reproduction?

12. What is natural Death? Is self-destruction an advantage for evolution? Never mind Malthus!

13. What is Free Will in a living being. Is it real? Do the recent advances in brain chemistry and testing shed light on the issue?

14. The Placebo Effect and Homeopathy. How do they work and are they connected to free will?


Core Book: 13 things that Don't make Sense, Michael Brooks, Doubleday, New York, 2005. Available on Amazon for about $5 used.

The 18 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics:

1. A Short History of the Missing Universe

At Last, Physicists Understand Where Matter's Mass Comes From:

Bizarre 'Dark Fluid' With Negative Mass Could Dominate The Universe:

Dark Energy, Dark Matter:

Mapping Dark Matter:

Our Universe Has Antimatter Partner On The Other Side Of The Big Bang, Say Physicists:

Scientists Find the 'Missing' Dark Matter from the Early Universe:

2. What is Time? When Did Time Start?

Did anything exist 10 Billion years before that Big Bang happened?

The Beginning of Time:

 The Galaxy That Challenged Dark Matter (And Failed):

Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe - with David Tong:

Dark Energy May Be Incompatible With String Theory:

Dark Matter and Particle Physics:

 Ancient Dark-Matter Storm –“Heading Towards Our Sun” (A 2018 Most Viewed):

The Myth Of The Beginning Of Time:

42 sec. explanation of time:

Pre-bang physics:

What Existed Before the Big Bang?:

This New Study Suggests That Time Existed Before The Big Bang:

Mind-Bending Study Suggests Time Did Actually Exist Before The Big Bang:

3. Matter Versus Antimatter

The Matter of Antimatter: Answering the Cosmic Riddle Of Existence:

The Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry Problem:

Neutrinos Hint of Matter-Antimatter Rift:

Why is there more matter than antimatter?:

Case weakens for antimatter sign of dark matter:

4. Quantum Weirdness

Experiment Reaffirms Quantum Weirdness:

Famous Experiment Dooms Alternative to Quantum Weirdness:

Quantum Weirdness Now a Matter of Time:

Our universe may be sitting on a bubble within an extra dimension:

Quantum Weirdness May Seem to Outrun Light — Here's Why It Can't:

The Universe Is Always Looking:

Five Weird Quantum Effects:

5. String Theory, Many Worlds and Dimensions

String Theory May Create Far Fewer Universes Than Thought:

The theory of parallel universes is not just maths – it is science that can be tested:

The Multiverse and String Theory - Michio Kaku:

The Many Worlds of the Quantum Multiverse | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios:

What is the relation between String Theory and Multiverse?:

Taming The Multiverse—Stephen Hawking's Final Theory About The Big Bang:

Deriving General Relativity From String Theory:

String Theory:

6. Black Holes

On the Existence of Black Holes:

No Black Holes Exist, Says Stephen Hawking—At Least Not Like We Think:

How Stephen Hawking Transformed Our Understanding of Black Holes:

Why Stephen Hawking’s Black Hole Puzzle Keeps Puzzling:

The Milky Way’s Center Is a Cornucopia of Black Holes:

Black Holes, Explained:

Black Hole:

7. Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion:

'Hey Bill Nye, Is Cold Fusion Possible?:

Cold Fusion: How It Works?:

Is Cold Fusion Feasible? Or Is It A Fraud?:

What Is The Current Scientific Thinking On Cold Fusion? Is There Any Possible Validity To This Phenomenon?:

The Curious Case of Polywater:

Polywater And The Role Of Skepticism:

Polywater, the Soviet Scientific Secret That Made the World Gulp:

8. Life on Mars and Our Universe

Did 40-year-old Viking experiment discover life on Mars?:

Life on Mars Found by NASA's Viking Mission?:

Life on Mars, from Viking to Curiosity:

40 years since Viking, scientists still on the hunt for life on Mars:

What Is the Statistical Probability Of Life On Other Planets?:

Drake Equation: Estimating the Odds of Finding E.T.:

Looking For Life In All The Right Places:

The Search for Life in the Universe:

9. Was ET Here and Called Home?

The Search for Life in the Universe:

Wow! Signal:!_signal

The Alien Wow Signal:

What Was The Wow Signal? The Most Interesting Signal SETI Has Ever Seen:

Comet Likely Didn't Cause Bizarre 'Wow!' Signal (But Aliens Might Have):

Was the Wow! Signal Alien?:


Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence:

10. Life or a Bag of Chemicals

Life's Working Definition: Does It Work?:'s_working_definition.html

What Defines a Stem Cell? Scientists Rethink the Answer:

This May Be Life's 'Missing Ingredient':

Fossil Discoveries Challenge Ideas About Earth’s Start:

Quantum Physicists in The 1920s Helped Found Field Of Quantum Biology:


Ridley, Matt. Genome . Harper Perennial. Kindle Edition.

A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived, Adam Rutherford, The Experiment, NY 2017

What Is Life?:

What is Life?:

There are Over 100 Definitions for “life” and All Are Wrong:

Are Viruses Alive?:

11. Sexual Reproduction

Asexual vs. Sexual Reproduction:

22 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Asexual Reproduction:

Advantages of Asexual Reproduction:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Asexual and Sexual Reproduction:

7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Asexual Reproduction:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sexual: eproduction:

Biological Advantages of Sexual Reproduction:

12. What Is Natural Death?

What Is the Evolutionary Advantage Of Death?:

Biology of Death:

Biologically Speaking, This Is Why Humans Are Born To Die:

Evolution by Means of Death:

Adaptive evolution without natural selection:

Why Life Needs Death:

13. Free Will

Free Will Exists and Is Measurable:

There’s No Such Thing as Free Will:

Five Arguments For Free Will:

Can A.I. Ever Have Free Will?:

Sam Harris on Free Will, Spirituality, and Artificial Intelligence:

Free Will versus the Programmed Brain:

We Just Found The Part Of The Brain Responsible For Free Will:

14. Homeopathy


The Debate About Homeopathy Is Over. These Verdicts Prove It:

Harvard Study Has Good News for Homeopathic Medicine:

Why I Changed My Mind About Homeopathy:

1,800 Studies Later, Scientists Conclude Homeopathy Doesn’t Work:

Why Do We Still Believe in Homeopathy?:

Why Do We Believe In Homeopathy? Ten Tricks The Brain Plays On Us:

Confronting Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, And Other Quackademic Medicine At My Alma Mater:

 Placebos as Medicine: The Ethics of Homeopathy:

Are The Clinical Effects Of Homoeopathy Placebo Effects? Comparative Study Of Placebo-Controlled Trials Of Homoeopathy And Allopathy: