An Age of Migration


The 20th and 21st centuries have seen massive migration movements enabled by new transportation and communication technologies. There are numerous reasons to migrate including income disparity, globalization, climate change, war and religious differences.

This S/DG will examine eight major migrations in the 20th and 21st centuries. In addition we will consider the capacity of states to control migration, security issues, human trafficking, political perspectives, the benefits and sacrifices of the migrants and the future of migration.

For half of the sessions we will use a core book, "The Age of Migration " by Castles and Miller (4th edition). In the remaining sessions there will be references from the coordinator and participants will find their own online references.

Additionally, each week, we will consider and discuss one current article published on the issue of migration.

Weekly Topics

  • Week 1: The world on the move (4th edition:Chapter 1, p. 1 to 18/ 5th edition:  Chapter 1, p. 1 - 22)

Religious Migration

  • Week 2: Pakistan/India 1947 (14M migrants)

Week 3: Soviet migration to Israel 1989 – 2006 (1.6M migrants)

Environmental Displacement

Week 4: American dustbowl migration 1930s (2.5M migrants)

Week 5: Three Gorges Dam 2003 – 2012 (1.3M migrants)

Forced Migration

Week 6: Greek – Turkey exchange 1923 (1.6M)

Week 7: Syrian refugees to Turkey 2011 – present (5M)

Economic Migration

Week 8: Africans to Europe 2010 - present (4.5M)

 Week 9: South Americans and Mexicans to US 1976 - present (12M)

Issues involved in migration 

Week 10: Controlling migration (4th edition:  Chapter 8, p. 181 – 206 / 5th edition:  Chapter 10, p. 215 - 239)


Core Book:

Castles, S.& Miller, M. (2009). The Age of Migration.  Guilford Press.  New York.

 Note:  Either the 4th edition (2009) or the 5th edition (2014) are fine for this course (the 4th is less expensive, if you are purchasing the book)

Suggested References:

Genova, N. (2017). The Borders of Europe.  Duke University Press.  Durham.

Haywood, J. (2010). The Great Migrations. Quercus Press.  London

King, R. (2007). Atlas of Human Migration.  Firefly Books.  London.

Livi-Bacci, M. (2012). A Short History of Migration.  Polity Press. Cambridge.