Astroparticle Physics
W 2019


This SDG will investigate processes in the universe accessible using the methods of particle physics. We will study the basics of elementary particles, their interactions, and the relevant detection techniques. We will establish an orientation to the field of astroparticle physics suitable to beginners with some background in basic physics. Exposure to mathematics through calculus will be beneficial, but  is not a prerequisite. The physics issues are developed with as little mathematics as possible, and the results are illuminated by many diagrams. This SDG is a chance to enter this field of astrophysics with a book that closes the gap between the expert and popular level.

Weekly Topics

1.Historical Introduction

2. The Standard Model of Elementary Particles

3.   Kinematics and Cross Sections

4. Physics of Particles and Radiation Detection

5. Acceleration Mechanisms

6. Primary Cosmic Rays

7. Secondary Cosmic Rays

8. Cosmology

9. The Early Universe

10. Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

11.The Cosmic Microwave Background

12. Inflation

13. Dark Matter

14. Astrobiology and Outlook


Astroparticle Physics, Claus Grupen.  Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010