PROMISE AND BETRAYAL. The Russian Revolution in Art
F 2017


The Russian Revolution resulted in profound changes in its society and culture and in brilliant artistic creativity in every endeavor. But Art became an instrument of State and creativity was suppressed. This SDG  examines the brief and unique flowering of Art in Russia in the 20th century from the beginning of the century of revolution to the First Soviet Writers Congress, which began the former's demise

Weekly Topics

1.   Overview: The Beaux arts,  the opening of Russian Art. Shchukin, Morozov

The World as seen by Russian artists, and how it viewed them

2.  Goncharova, Larianov, Tatlin, Chagall,

 3.  Ekster, Popova, Kliun, Kandinsky

 4.  Lissistky, Malevich

 5.  Malwevich, Rodchenko, Stepanova, Gabo

 6.  Socialist Realism

 7.  Poster Art

 8.  Architecture: Public works and Housing

 9.  Ballet:Diaghilev,Ballet Russe,Balanchine

10.Theater: Stanislavsky,Meyerhold, The Moscow Art Theater

11.Cinema: Pudovkin, Eisenstein

12.Music: Stravinsky,Prokofiev,Shostakovitch

13.Poetry: Mayakovsky, Akhmatova, Pasternak, Mandelstam

14.Fiction: Gorki, Babel,Bulgakov