Maps, Their Makers and the Impact on the Development of the World (10 weeks)
F 2017

Title:   Maps, Their Makers and the Impact on the Development of the World

               Before the end of the 19th Century the exploration and development of the world depended in significant part on the ability of countries and civilizations to develop what they believed were accurate and convincing maps.  This SDG will review and discuss approximately fifty of the most important maps prepared by and often purloined from the most important cartographers in the world.  Each SDG will discuss the map, its maker(s), the era and the reasons maps were created.  Some maps had a significant impact upon the world during that era in terms of global trade, colonization and the settlement of geo-political boundaries. Other maps were created to curry favor of their sponsors, rulers or the Church. For some maps, the Church and State provided an influence, often negative, upon the mapmakers and their craft. Our discussion will review how astronomy, mathematics, science and information supplied by that era’s explorers and navigators impacted map development. Mapmakers became the technology leaders of their era, opening new vistas and opportunities for their sponsors and users.  Copies of all maps not in the core books will be provided by the Class Coordinator.