The Films of Ang Lee
F 2017

Ang Lee is a filmmaker like no other. His roots are Chinese/Taiwanese, his  cinematic  training and citizenship are American, but since his debut in 1992 he has create  a cosmopolitan body of work  that defies easy categorization.  He has given us coming of age stories set in Taiwan, tender yet penetrating dissections of American life, a adaptation  of a Jane Austin novel, a  searing drama of the Chinese civil war,  and an animated film about a cartoon superhero----as well as the record breaking  Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon  and Brokeback Mountain.  He is fascinated with the technological frontiers of movie making, but what engages audiences are the human emotions in his stories..  We will look at a dozen films, available on Netflix. We will try to understand Ang Lee's unique range  and look for the underlying themes that animate his films and make him global.