Ready for Teddy: The Indomitable Theodore Roosevelt (TR)
F 2017


Essentially, Theodore Roosevelt should never be forgotten.  His face on Mount Rushmore means he was a force in politics as well as a face in international relations.  We see him all the time as the hero of San  Juan Hill or shaping his personality in the Badlands of the Dakotas at his ranch on the Little Missouri.  Still, there is so much we don't know about Teddy.  He almost lost his life on an unknown Amazon river.  After his presidency, he was feted by the heads of Europe.  Who was this man who guided his country ably in some of its darkest hours?  How did he overcome the so-called robber barons in the Gilded Age?  Why did he earn the Nobel Peace Prize?  Was he one of the greatest presidents of our country?  How was he affected by the death of his father, first wife, and mother?  Why was his personality so "bully" to so many Americans and  others?  Was he really the person to take McKinley's place?  Should we be revering him even to this day?  

This Fall, 2017 S/DG will attempt to answer the previous questions with a wealth of materials about TR's life.  Apparently, the historians have not given up trying to figure out Roosevelt's contributions.  Our core books, T.R.:  The Last Romantic,and Theodore Roosevelt and the Making of American Leadership  seem to fit the picture of a firebrand president whom the public wants to run again and again for president.  That raises the question:  Why was T.R. so intent on letting William Howard Taft succeed him as president?  Why did Teddy later run against Taft, Debs,  and Wilson, expecting another term as president?  

In a look back at previous proposals, I noted only one T.R. S/DG that dealt with Teddy's relationships with the press, The Bully Pulpit.  It is time to resurrect Teddy and what he meant to America.  So many recent books verify that the visiting him will be worthwhile.  We are going to talk about the epic story of how Theodore Roosevelt transformed America.  It is a story for the ages that bears telling often and under different circumstances.  

Teddy Roosevelt was the true torch bearer when America needed a hero.  From affirming the Monroe doctrine to national conservation, Teddy produced results.