The History of the Constitution
F 2017

The US Constitution is the most important document for our nation but many people really don't know much about it except for favorite clauses and amendments.  For example, how many people really know what the Constitution actually says or how a particular passage, such as the Commerce Clause or the Second Amendment, came to be drafted as it is?  In this SDG we'll take a comprehensive look at both the text of the Constitution and the political deeds that gave rise to that text.  We'll start with the Preamble and proceed through to the end of the Amendments, considering each section in the context in which it was enacted.  With the current political situation and threats to treasured rights embodied in the Constitution our discussion will include issues such as gun rights, money in politics, healthcare legislation, human, religious, voting and civil rights, among other issues in light of the actual language and history of the Constitution.