Mission Failure in Post-Cold War, US Foreign Policy
S 2017

The end of the Cold War led to significant change in the foreign policy of the United States. When the Cold War concluded, the US, now the dominant power in the world, embarked on military interventions in Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia and Kosovo, places remote from US vital interests, for purely humanitarian reasons. Each intervention led to efforts to transform the local political and economic systems. The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, launched in response to the attacks of 9/11, turned into similar missions of transformation.  None achieved its aims.  Guided by the critically acclaimed and provocative core book, "Mission Failure" by Michael Mandelbaum, this SDG will examine US involvement in all of these conflicts and others from this period, through their histories, policy making and execution. We will learn and discuss the background and contemporaneous issues from thought-provoking perspectives. The SDG culminates with an analysis of the rising conflicts with Russia and China, affecting the vital interests of the US.