No god but God, The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam (12 weeks)
W 2017


Using the newest edition of  Reza Aslan's comprehensive and fascinating book as a base of discussion, we delve into the story of Muhammad's life over 14 centuries ago- his world, and the creation, development, and evolution  of the religion known as Islam. Aslan seeks in this book  to interpret Islam by  merging the religion's myths with  the spiritual , cultural, and historic landscape in which the myths arose so long ago. How was  Muhammad's revolutionary message of moral accountability and social egalitarianism gradually reinterpreted by his successors into the competing ideologies that rule the Muslim world today,  and how did  these competing ideologies spill into modern  politics . This book is an argument for reform. Is it needed? Is it possible? Is it apostasy? What other different points of view do other  Muslim scholars bring? 

Weekly Topics

1) The Sanctuary in the Desert- Pre Islamic Arabia

2) the Keeper of the Keys - Muhammad in Mecca

3) The city of the Prophet- the First Muslims

4) Fight in the Way of God- The Meaning of Jihad

5) The Rightly Guided Ones- the Successors to Muhammad

6) This Religion is a Science- the Development of Islamic Theology and Law

7) In the Footsteps of Martyrs- From Shi'ism to Khomeinism

8) Stain your Prayer Rug with Wine- the Sufi Way

9) An Awakening in the East-the Response to colonialism

10) Slouching towards Medina- the quest for Islamic Democracy

11) Welcome to the Islamic Reformation- the Future of Islam

12) Final thoughts from other Muslim  scholars with different views